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Sentinext, based in Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia, is currently pursuing development of safe and efficacious vaccines and therapeutics for tropical infectious diseases. While infectious diseases were long believed to be under control with antibiotics and vaccines, the reality today is that increasing numbers of pathogens become resistant to therapeutic intervention and novel pathogens constantly emerge for which no vaccines or treatment are available. The company focuses on developing vaccines and therapeutics for EV71, polio, influenza and dengue.
CEO Peter Wulff leads the company. Wulff has a long career with leading companies in the Danish pharmaceutical industry, including Ferrosan A/S, NeuroSearch A/S and Bavarian Nordic A/S. In 1989, he co-founded NeuroSearch A/S, a Danish biotechnology company that listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange in 1996. He was also a co-founder of Bavarian Nordic A/S, a Danish biotechnology company that listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange in 1998. Currently Wulff is chairman of SKAU Vaccines Aps, board member of Danish Biotech (a non-governmental business organisation) and board member of NNE Pharmaplan in Malaysia.

Sentinext’s research and development is headed by Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Jane Cardosa. Dr. Cardosa has extensive experience conducting research in developing countries, and has combined basic research with translational research in Penang and in Sarawak, Malaysia. She is also actively involved in disease surveillance activities, especially for dengue, Japanese encephalitis and enterovirus 71, as well as for other emerging diseases. Dr. Cardosa serves on a number of international scientific boards and committees, using the insight she has developed working in developing countries to address global health problems. Among others, she has been a member of the WHO Advisory Group on dengue and other flavivirus vaccines; the Wellcome Trust Public Health; and the Tropical Medicine Committee; and the Scientific Board of the Bill & Belinda Gates foundation initiative, Grand Challenges in Global Health. Dr. Cardosa is currently actively involved in the WHO/TDR Scientific Advisory Committee on assured diagnostic Product Specifications for Diseases of Poverty.
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