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PrIME Biologics (PrIME) uses its revolutionary PrIME Technology to manufacture therapeutic plasma products that is currently underutilised by many emerging countries. The PrIME Technology in association with GE Healthcare based Chromatography in a process called PrIME + could potentially save many lives due to shortages of plasma products in much of the world. And address a market of about USD1bn.
Dr Hari Nair
Executive Chairman

Dr Nair has a PhD in Medicine and Clinical Science from the Australian National University with his specialty in cardiovascular medicine and haematology. Dr Nair has received a number of awards from international organisations including being specially recognised for his role in coagulation research by the Australian Capital Territory government. He has run biotechnology companies in Australia and the US. Dr Nair has been heavily involved in mergers and acquisitions especially in the US and Europe and has US financial experience. Dr Nair's corporate experience include financial raisings, corporate public relations and organisational integration strategies, Human Resources, IP strategy and management, financial management and R&D. Dr Nair is an expert in Coagulation Science with a special emphasis on fibrinogen. Dr Nair is the author of over 100 research publications and has had over 50 patents on various aspects of the PrIME technology and its application in both plasma protein separations, renal dialysis and cellular separations. He discovered the use of nano carbon particles in the use of radiographic imaging of blood clots. Dr Nair is a co-inventor of the PrIME technology and has developed various applications of this technology especially relevant to plasma protein fractionation. Dr Nair together with Mr John Manusu also ran the then world's largest independent plasma collection organization based in the United States. This business collected both normal and specialty plasmas, including hyperimmunes for the US Government bioterrorism program. Dr Nair has served on the boards of a number of international biotechnology companies and US state Commercialisation Boards for Georgia, Florida and Alabama.

John Manusu
Managing Director

Mr Manusu has over 25 years experience running biotechnology companies worldwide. He has been involved in the development of the PrIME technology since its invention in 1985. Mr Manusu was also involved in the US plasma collection business creating, along with Dr Nair, the then world's largest independent plasma collection organisation. This business collected both normal and specialty plasmas, including hyperimmunes for the US Government bioterrorism program. Throughout this period he has undertaken a number of significant cross border restructures, mergers, acquisitions and divestures. Finally, Mr Manusu has raised over $200 million in public funding and government R&D grants including $2.8m for NuSep in 2013 and $18m for PrIME Biologics in 2014. Mr Manusu has a degree in Commerce and is a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia. Mr Manusu has worked in the Australian, Asian and U.S. Biotechnology markets and is best described as a biotechnology entrepreneur.
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