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Glori, headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, partners with oil producers to significantly increase their oil production through the deployment of its AERO™ (Activated Environment for Recovery of Oil) System. The system makes use of existing non-potable water sources, optimising the water quality to activate and sustain the indigenous reservoir microbial life with the desired metabolic activities to enhance the oil recovery process. The AERO™ System provides a new, viable option to recover previously trapped oil with minimal new footprint or investment.
CEO Stuart Page leads Glori’s management team. He joined Glori from IHS Energy, where he led M&A activities. Before IHS, he held senior positions with Baker Atlas, McKinsey and Co., SCF Partners and Qittitut. He has more than 25 years of experience in the upstream energy industry and has worked in many cultures and countries with positions ranging from field engineer to country manager. Page received bachelor’s and master’s degree in engineering science from Oxford University and was awarded his MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Glori Energy’s CTO is Dr. Thomas Ishoey. Before joining Glori, Dr. Ishoey was Vice President – Subsurface Hydrocarbons at Synthetic Genomics, Inc. He has extensive experience in applied microbiology and biotechnology research and development and has pioneered the use of micromanipulation of microbial size cells for whole genome amplification and genomic analysis and applied the technology for the discovery of uncultured microbes from diverse environments Dr. Ishoey holds a master’s degree in chemical engineering and a doctorate in biotechnology, both from the Technical University of Denmark. He has also worked as visiting researcher at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).
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