Our Philosophy
We work closely with our capital providers to understand their needs beyond just financial considerations to help achieve their objectives.We operate as a disciplined PE and VC investor in Life Sciences and expect to earn a competitive return on our investments, commensurate with the risks assumed.
Our Mission & Values
We are on a mission to bring breakthrough Life Sciences developments to humanity through long-term investments in companies that will make a real difference in the lives of Malaysians and people around the world. Our efforts start with our focus.
Our Mission
We look to generate superior investment returns by cultivating value. We collaborate with and nurture our portfolio companies
Our Values
We're not looking for a quick flip. We ensure that every investment we make not only delivers financial returns but also benefits Malaysia and the surrounding region.
Our beliefs
We believe in creating more than investments. We build true, lasting partnerships. Our reasoning is simple and proven: The value we create by actively partnering ultimately reflects in our investment returns.
We operate with a high standard of ethics. We accept no other approach. This dedication ensures that we are always fair and and transparent in our dealings with everyone.
Every activity we undertake is built on the simple premise of responsibility. We have responsibilities to our clients and limited partners, our employees, our companies, Malaysia and its citizens, to name just a few. That responsibility encompasses good corporate citizenship, advancing national and regional interests, and pushing advances in Life Sciences.