Funding Opportunities
We cast a wide net to find the best companies and individuals with whom we can work with for the
benefit of improving the quality of human life. In addition to using our own extensive network and affiliations, Xeraya
taps into the networks of our Board, co-partners, and works closely with
Khazanah Nasional and Malaysian government implementation agencies in Life Sciences.
We actively seek venture capital-style investment opportunities that aspire to be game changers in the Life Sciences space and we provide nurturing and value creation efforts to these investments.
We define private equity opportunities as those where much of the technology risk has been mitigated, the focus being on growth and expansion leading to a liquidity event. These are typically larger investments, wherein we assist with business development activities, market introductions, and guidance on management and operational issues.
Mudharabah Innovation Fund (MIF)
Xeraya manages the Mudharabah Innovation Fund for the Ministry of Finance (MOF) of the Government of Malaysia. MIF will match private sector investments and will offer a superior risk return profile to investors and thus attract greater private risk capital to co-invest, and gradually reduce dependence on public funds.

Our objectives
We invest the MIF fund in venture and late-stage high-potential growth funds or companies in the Life Sciences sector. We ensure that the investments align with the broad outline of the Government's policy objectives in the relevant areas of Life Sciences. The investments generally have a Malaysian-centric view with a high likelihood of positive spin-off effects. MIF can also invest in investments that are Shariah-compliant, as defined by the Shariah standards and principles.

MIF Committee
Shariah Advisory Panel